MPS/ magnetometry system

This is the “MPS” device developed by the MIT/MGH group which is intended to be a cheap and accesible platform for characterizing SPIONs. The device is well-suited for groups looking to develop nanoparticles as well as those who are interested in understanding SPION properties for imaging or application studies. The cost is anywhere from $500 (if you have a DAQ board such as NI-USB-6211 or NI-USB-6363 already) to $3500 if you need to purchase DAQs and amplifiers.

Within this project is also code (MATLAB) to analyze raw data for magnetometry/spectroscopy/relaxometry.

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System Image Example of spectroscopy with Synomag D Example of the figure produced by the full analysis with Synomag D in ~2.5 minutes. Sample magnetization curves with VivoTrax and OceanNano SPP-25-25
This is a sample gallery to help describe this project.