To submit your project to OS-MPI:

There are a few different approaches to submitting your work. In any case see the submission document which summarizes the information necessary to populate a project page on this site. After you send us the necessary information you can do on of the following:

  1. Request write access from the contact us page and upload your repository directly
  2. Send us the files that you would like to submit to OS-MPI with any supporting information and we can upload it (details below).
  3. If you already have a hosted open-source project that you would like referenced here, send us the link, description, and images so we can include your projects on the site with external links.

For option 1:

Adding files to OS-MPI

  • Reach out to get write access for the GitHub organization
  • Click “New” on the main page, then title your repository and give it a brief description
  • Upload the files you would like to include

    Adding project to the page

  • In the “” repository go to the projects folder and copy the file here.
  • Re-save it with a new name and fill in the information where appropriate. Make sure it is in the same directory as the template.
  • It might take 20 minutes to sync to the site.
  • If you have trouble reach out. The syntax is not error-tolerant.

For option 2:

Adding files to OS-MPI

  • If the files aren’t prohibitively large, email us a .zip (or .tar.gz) with the files you would like to submit.
  • If they are too large, is probably best to reach out and discuss with us what the easiest approach is.

Adding your project to the page

  • If you send us the image in the document linked above we can do it.

Option 3: