About the OS-MPI Initiative

This initiative was founded in order to support the members of the MPI community, or those seeking enter the community by openly sharing information related to the design, construction, and analysis of MPI technologies. The initiative is designed such that it can act as a centralized location for open-source MPI projects. These may be projects which are hosted externally (such as another users GitHub profile, or lab website), or hosted on the main OS-MPI organization page. Below is a figure describing the broad structure.

The projects which are listed (so far) are accesible either on the project page or at the primary repository locations here.

License Information

As of now the projects on the site are all listed under the following licenses. In the future, if projects are added, or external resources are cited, please reference the original source for license information.

  • Software is published under the GNU General Public License v3.0, a strong copyleft license that permits the use for personal and commercial ventures yet restricts said uses in that if they are redistributed, they must also be open-source with the same license. Please read the license here or reach out to any of the authors if you have questions.
  • Hardware is similarly licensed with the CERN Open Hardware License v1.2. The permissions and restrictions are similar but written with hardware licensure as the focus.

These were chosen as they are very free with respect to academic and intellectual liberties they permit while limiting the use of our developed software and designs for projects which do not align with the goals of this initiative.